After the stop due to the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 this year the Rotary Club of Ascoli Piceno and the Rotary of Orbetello Costa d 'Argento with the support of the district fellowships 2071, 2080 and 2090 of ARACI organize the ninth edition of the Rotary Coast-to-Coast a nationwide meeting of Rotarians passionate about classic cars.

There are already several events organized every year by numerous Rotary Clubs in Italy ( but this is the oldest and usually the most longlasting one. The necessary premise is that in these Rotarian events we share the interest in classic cars, but wore than that we enjoy meeting with other Rotarians coming from anywhere. It is therefore not essential to have a precious car of great value but many Rotarians come with the old car from the 50s or 60s that belonged to their father or grandfather.

The "Rotary Coast-to-Coast" which in the first edition was called "Transappenninica Rotariana Ascoli - Orbetello" was organized since the first edition aiming to:

  • make Rotarians from different clubs and districts across the nation to meet
  • to introduce them to our cities and our territories
  • to bring them together in a service to which the meeting is devoted

A trans-Apennine "Coast-to-Coast" is an ideal way to bring Rotarians together in central Italy, giving them the opportunity to visit places and paths of that splendid artistic, cultural and environmental treasure that are Tuscany, Marche, Abruzzo. , Umbria and Lazio.

The idea was to keep the departure and arrival points fixed (Ascoli and the Argentario-Orbetello) by swapping the two departure and arrival locations every year. In addition, every year to get from Ascoli to Argentario or vice versa, we follow a different path using one of the infinite possible combinations.

Without prejudice to the commitment of the Rotary Clubs of Ascoli and Orbetello, different RCs in central Italy are involved every year. Being the "Rotary Coast-to-Coast" a Rotarian event its characteristic is that it is devoted to raise funds for important services.

In 2012 we organized a lottery (1st prize a vintage VW Beetle) whose tickets were sold along the way and also by the Rotary Clubs we met on the way. We thus collected about 25,000 euros which were divided between two services (support for the Rotary District 2090 project for the reconstruction of the Engineering Faculty of the University of L'Aquila and a contribution to the Bimbingamba project of the Niccolò Campo di Grosseto non-profit organization.

The funds raised in 2013 went to a two-year support service of the Herat Pediatric Hospital in Afghanistan that the Rotary Club of Ascoli Piceno organized with several other RCs in the 2090 district which was a great success. In 2014 and 2015 the funds raised were allocated to the international End Polio service. In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 the funds raised were allocated to the services of District 2090 in favor of the populations of Central Italy affected by the earthquakes of 2016 and 2017. This year they will be assigned again to a local service of the two Rotary Clubs of Orbetello and Ascoli Piceno

This year's edition is especially designed for the most loyal partecipants of the Rotary Coast-to-Coast who, after 8 splendid but tiring editions visiting some of the most beautiful and hidden places in Central Italy, panting us, and maybe even the our "4-wheeled grannies" asked us "loud and clear": a relaxing and summer slower edition than usual.

Thus was born "The Summer Tour" of Rotary Coast to Coast. !!!

So this year "The Summer Tour" will begin in Orbetello with the welcome celebrated in the restaurant on the sea of the Fishermen's Cooperative in the Orbetello Lagoon where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Tyrrhenian Sea (and of course absolutely superior quality fish dishes). We will leave the coast and the sea immediately but if you wanted more, who is preventing you from arriving at the Argentario a few days earlier and taking at the end a full week of holiday?

We will enjoy many interesting stops mostly off the common mass tourist routes. We will go to Bomarzo where they will tell us stories and legends of that incredible place full of mysteries that is the Monster Park. From there we will avoid the busiest crossings of the Apennines. As soon as we arrive in Terni we will take a series of uncroweded mountain roads, even if they are well practicable until we arrive. But above all these roads will open to our eyes glimpses of landscapes and places of screaming beauty passing through Leonessa and Terminillo and then going to meet Cascia, nestled in the most hidden woods of the Apennines. We will descend again in Val Nerina and we will climb shortly before we suddenly find ourselves at Lake Fiastra, another beautiful place but absolutely unknown even to local tourism. From there we will not go to the Lame Rosse because it would be too much to walk but I challenge the reader to tell me that he already knows them. Go to the internet ......... Instead we will go immediately towards Montemonaco along the eastern foothills of the Sibillini massif. Yes, because we will be going to the places of the legends of the Sibyl and her cave. Places of still other legends. We will live an evening to allow guides and lovers of these places to introduce us to the magical world of these mountains. We will visit the museum of the Grotta della Sibilla which is in the center of the town. At least that !! … Since the real “Sibyl's cave is on top of the mountain at almost 2000 meters

The next day you choose between a "Soft" itinerary with a visit to the very small but very important Church of S. Angelo Montespino, one of those many small churches scattered in the mountain or foothills of this territory and then you can move to an altitude of 1000 meters in Prato della Gardosa surrounded from the highest peaks of the Sibillini group in a valley that looks a lot like Switzerland…. near to the center of the medityrrenean sea !! If you feel brave and fit you can choose the "Adventure" itinerary guided through the Gorges of Infernaccio for a unique scenario to be covered on foot up to the Church of the Hermit.

The two groups will meet together for lunch at the "Ristorante Il Tiglio". We will return again to this small restaurant clinging with a few other houses to the ridge of the mountain at we will sit at the table of a starred chef. We will again be guests of Enrico Mazzaroni, starred chef and unique character who wanted to continue living in his village and keeping his origins intact and interpreting in his kitchen what the nature of his territory offers him. Those who were with us for Easter lunch in 2015 will remember that lunch well and know what we are talking about.

The RC of Ascoli Piceno and Orbetello Costa d ’Argento and especially those who have experienced the past editions of the" Rotary Coast-to-Coast ", we are once again enthusiastic about this initiative and we would be delighted to receive your participation…. ……

.. come with us to the 2022 edition of the Rotary Coast-to-Coast !!!!